Stand 06.2016
  • Why I should use Musteus?

    To receive only the informations, of the profiles you are following, that you are interested in. So the information flood will go down and the attention to the received informations will rising and so you'll save time.

  • What is the reach of the posts with Musteus?

    As Musteus is a “owned media”, the reach of the posts of your profile is 100% for their follower.

  • Who can register and create a profile on Musteus ?

    Everyone can register on Musteus, independent if he is a person or a company, association, organization, institution etc. You can choose than, if you will publish your profile (immediately or later) or only starting with the following of other profiles.

  • How many profiles can I create?

    For every registration you can create up to three profiles. You can use every email only once for each registration.

  • How can I follow a profile and his #topics/terms on Musteus?

    You have three types to follow the posts of a profile:

    1. follow the @PROFILE to receive all posts published on that
    2. follow one ore more #topics of the profile and you'll receive only the posts which are connected with them or one of the subordinate TERMs.
    3. follow one ore more /TERMs of a #topics and you'll receive only the posts which are connected with the selected TERM.

  • How can I create #topics and TERMs in my profile?

    You can create in your profile up to 12 #topic (categories). For each #topic you can also create up to 24 /TERMs (subcategories). When you have created a post, you must connect that, with one ore more #topics and maybe with one ore more TERMs. If your followers are on your profile, they'll see your #topics and TERMs and will follow those, they are interested in. So they will receive in future only the posts of your profile, which you are connecting with one of the #topics or TERMs they are following.

  • Who see, whom or what I'm following on Musteus?

    In Musteus you can follow all anonymously.Nobody can see on your profile or on the profiles which you are following, that you are follow them and what do you follow inside them. So you don't need to make a fake account to follow anonymously.

  • Which name can I use for my profile?

    A good choice is to use the name below, if you are a:
    person: your first- and surname (@FirstnameSurname)
    company, association, brand etc.: your @Company, @Associaction, @Brand etc.
    In Musteus you can let also verify your profiles. So if you had chose a fake name, that will be claimed from a person, company, brand etc. which has the requirements for a verification, you risk to lost your profile.
    If the selected name is already assigned, you can also use a variant of that (e.g. @Profile_Name, @ProfileName1 etc.). You can use letters, numbers, upper/lower case, “–“ and “_”.

  • How can I let verify my profile?

    To let verify your profile, you can do that (inside your profile settings), as:

    • person, sending an id card
    • company the enrollment of a chamber of commerce
    • brandy the registered trade mark etc.

    If a profile is verified, you'll recognized it, trough the green icon near the @ProfileName.

    For any question or feedback, you can contact us on info@musteus.com or directly in the chat of the profile @Support - to receive all updates of Musteus, follow us on musteus.com/@Musteus

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